As I prepare to embark on a journey I never quite imagined would be true for me – little ole me – I cannot tell you the importance of letting go!

Save the Date:  October 21, 2023, I will present my first TEDx Talk!!   More details are to come as the date gets closer.

Letting go has been a big theme in my life for many moons – none shining so brightly as the passing 10 months.  You see, letting go is not holding tighter or striving to control – but returning to God what has been Hers all along!

And so – this piece of silver lining gratitude as I learn to use my wings in a new way!

Be Still … by AmiLynne Carroll

sometimes we have to let go of what tethers us to the human experience
as the physical picture and senses scream for my surrender;
fear and doubt wrought havoc in my thought and exhaustion overtakes my heart

That was that moment – this, today, with a new awareness is a new moment
For almost 10 years now I have worked hourly/daily / weekly to experience the commandment,
“be still and know that I AM God”
When the material picture would suggest a diminished expression
being “still” is. . . the deepest of heartfelt prayer
and also the most heart-piercing sense of failure
And so – one by one,
as stillness is claimed,
I am learning to let go of the beliefs that would say;
something’s wrong. . . or healing is elusive. . .

or – I’m just too tired and cannot fight this any longer

The “be” of be still, requires nothing of us but to BE Love’s Expression

The “know” of knowing that I AM God
is the seeing and experiencing of God’s hand
even in what would appear to be physical depletion
In letting go
of the need to fix or be fixed (heal or be healed)
I am to experience the whole perfection that is my being
I’m also learning to engage differently
with the calling forth
of pain and the expression of discomfort.I will, in each moment,
continue my quest to be still –
to know –

God’s presence

so – thank you for being patient
as I’m learning to let go
and for sharing this amazing journey with meas I’m drying my emerging wings
and readying for a flight
of unimagined consciousness
The world says she will never make it –
Love says she will!
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