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In the Pod - Podcast Episodes of Note

Welcome to “In the Pod,” where you’ll find a collection of enlightening podcast episodes featuring Babs as a guest. This section showcases inspiring conversations and profound insights shared across various podcasts, highlighting the essence of the Sacred Kaleidoscope Community and our transformative programs. Each episode is a journey into the heart of spiritual awakening, personal growth, and holistic well-being, offering practical wisdom and metaphysical perspectives. Tune in to hear Babs discuss the power of Affirmative Prayer, the journey of self-discovery, and the path to inner peace and fulfillment. These podcasts are not just interviews; they are intimate exchanges that reveal the depth of our mission and the impact of our work. Join us in these meaningful dialogues and be inspired by the stories, teachings, and experiences that resonate with the core of your spiritual journey.

Where Do You See God: Podcast Guest: Authentically Seeking 

Listen HERE Authentically Seeking In episode 177, AmiLynne Carroll invites us to consider how we seek God. How do we know if we are authentically seeking Him? How do we seek when questions go unanswered, and hardship intensifies? AmiLynne pressed into this when she was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 4

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The KAJ Masterclass LIVE: Podcast Guest: Mastering Your Life’s Narrative

Listen HERE How To Master Your Life’s Narrative with AmiLynne Carroll, Certified Holistic Practitioner, Holistic Life Coach, author, and speaker. In this episode, AmiLynne shares her journey of facing stage four cancer and how it led her to question her life’s narrative. She emphasizes the importance of mastering one’s narrative

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Phantom Electric Ghost Conversation: Podcast Guest: Embracing Change: Surrendering to the Flow of Life

Listen HERE PEG Conversation With Amilynne Carroll aka Babs, a certified spiritual development and life coach “Embracing Change: Surrendering to the Flow of Life” Biography AmiLynne, certified Holistic Practitioner & Holistic Life Coach,  is a devoted and trusted Travel Partner supporting seekers, world-wide, who wish to transcend the roller coaster

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"In the News"

Welcome to the “In the News” section, a curated collection of articles and features showcasing the transformative work of Babs and the Sacred Kaleidoscope Community. Here, you’ll find a wealth of insights, stories, and testimonials that highlight our journey and the profound impact of our programs. From print to online media, these pieces capture the essence of our mission to guide individuals towards spiritual awakening, personal growth, and holistic well-being. Explore the stories of transformation, discover the power of Affirmative Prayer, and see how our community is making a difference in the lives of many. Each article is a testament to the love, wisdom, and practical guidance that form the foundation of our offerings. Dive in and be inspired by the remarkable journeys and heartfelt experiences shared within these pages.

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The Power of Adaptability.
Reclaiming Command with Quadriplegia.

a TEDx Talk with AmiLynne Carroll

My Fellow Butterfly, you’ve demonstrated that life is a canvas where each brushstroke carries intention and purpose. As you venture into these soul canyons, let’s co-create a transformative narrative that uplifts your journey to even greater heights.

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