How I got here. I got here through the gate. I got here through the winter of my lethargy and the autumn of my discontent. I got here by opening my heart, by opening my body, my spine, and my third eye.

I got here by noticing that fear is finally irrelevant to the journey. I got here by stepping forward when afraid instead of stepping back. I got here by risk, by blessing, by synchronicity. I got here by not giving up. I got here by choice, by choosing, by determination, and by grace. Especially by grace. I got here through sustenance, being kept alive, being taught.

I have been working and I have been worked upon. Moved. Fashioned by forces unseen and imperceptible. I have grown and I am finally willing to relax, admit, and let those unseen forces do more of the work.

Maybe there are angels. I got here by way of everyone who ever loved me and everyone who ever hated me – by way of everyone I ever loved or hated. People are life shapers to each other, and sometimes shapers of darkness. We offer each other love, provide each other hurt, and confusion, and through the light and shadow of presence – we learn . . . to Love more deeply.

I have been lifted up in the middle of my life, given a great shaking, and set down in the exact same spot. Everything is new, unexplored, and changed. Everything is the same.

And that is how I got here, and it is a Tuesday morning and the sun is shining through mountain clouds of wonder and excitement. And everything is new. New. New.

I AM Truth – freshly discovered in the now of being. . .

Being is LOVE!
Chief Travel Partner

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I love you deeply, for in truth we are old friends.
We are One.

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