The beautiful connection between spirituality and Christmas.

Hey there! Babs here, sharing some thoughts on the beautiful connection between spirituality and Christmas. Christmas, to me, isn’t just about the festive decorations and joyful gatherings; it’s a time to rejoice in the potential for God-Realization within each of us.

I’ve noticed an interesting perspective around me – while I cherish the hopefulness of Christmas, some of my neighbors seem to focus more on their love for Christ. It’s essential to recognize that these perspectives, though intertwined, may not be identical.

For me, Christmas is a reminder of the profound Truth that a first-century rabbi, like Jesus, realized: “I and the Divine are one.” This echoes the Very Good News taught by sages throughout time, emphasizing the unity between ourselves and the divine.

As I stroll through my neighborhood, exchanging cheerful “Merry Christmas” greetings, I’m surrounded by houses adorned with twinkling lights and lawns adorned with manger scenes. It brings me joy. Yet, there’s a paradox when some neighbors claim their right to openly express their religion is under threat, especially in a country as Christian-friendly as the United States.

To me, the perceived War on Christmas is a response to the perceived success of Christianity. However, I believe that as Christians, our success should lie in embodying the values for which Jesus stood:
*ending othering,
*fighting against injustice and oppression, and
*championing the cause of “the least” among us.

History, as shown by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., demonstrates that living these principles can lead to persecution for righteousness’ sake.

Rather than getting caught up in a supposed War on Christmas, I choose to celebrate the Very Good News – the timeless message that “I and my Father are One: – which means “You and my Father are One” – which means “I and my brother/sister are One”. So, when I wish you a “Merry Christmas,” it’s more than a seasonal greeting; it’s a wish for your personal awakening to the profound truth that you are the very expression of God. Without each expression, God cannot be fully expressed.

And now, here’s a little call to action for all of us: Let’s embrace the spirit of Christmas by actively embodying the teachings of love, compassion, and justice in our daily lives. In doing so, we can collectively contribute to a world that reflects the true essence of this festive season.

No matter what you celebrate this holiday season.  I pray you find Life filled with joy and peace.  And for my Christian friends, I am wishing you all a Merry Christmas filled with love, unity, and personal awakening!

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